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                  Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin

Insuring Them All


Insuring your property, liability, and horses with only the best carriers - carriers that are just as dedicated to protecting you as we are.  It doesn't matter the discipline, the breed, or how you use the horse - we can provide you the proper insurance you need so you have peace of mind.

They're Your Investment


Owning and caring for a horse is a huge undertaking, both time-wise and monetarily. We understand.  We are committed to protecting you, your horse, and your property with the proper coverage at the best market price. We know we can do this for you because we represent multiple carriers specializing in the equine insurance market.

We Know, We Care


And they say the dog is man's best friend?  It's a close call, but either way, your horse is a member of your family. We know how important they are to you. Read more About Us and see how we are experienced, designated, and certified when it comes to insuring your loved one.  

About Us


These articles are a "Must Read" if you own a farm, or equine center, with buildings, equipment, or personal property being insured. Co-Insurance is one of the most important, least understood, clauses in your insurance contract, and you are obligated to follow it - or suffer a co-insurance penalty on a loss.


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